Hi, my name is Robert. I created Roberts Web Designs, to help small businesses and individuals setup their own domains and customized websites, so they wouldn’t have to spend countless hours, days trying to gain the skill of putting together a site.

I recommend using a basic WordPress site, as it is much more customizable than a Squarespace template type of site, or a Weebly or Wix site. There are also other ways to create sites out there but WordPress is a great start and one of the best if you were to ask me. I am really able to customize your vision from start to finish and get you up and running, to create a site you can use to showcase your services.

There are also some customizable templates in WordPress, which start at about $50 on up to hundreds of dollars, but I tend to try and totally customize the WordPress sites from complete scratch. Often takes longer, but it’s better in the long run as it is a customized, tailor fit approach to your business vision.

I’m always looking to sharpen my skills and advance into more computer coding languages, such as PHP and Javascript. I just completed a certification for HTLM5 and CSS3. I have natural interest in aspects of design and try and incorporate those elements in each and every project as well, the best I can, and open to any ideas you may have as well.

Look forward to working with you and seeing what I can do to help you achieve your vision and get you up and running online as soon as possible.

Certificate of Completion HTML5 and CSS3